Anmeldung Nr .: A / GR / 00144 - Typ: Stadt - Kategorie: Zwei Schlüssel

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1.- Can we get to the apartments by car?

Yes; it’s important to follow the indications in order to easily get to the apartment’s door and unload the luggage. We are not in a traffic restricted area.

2.- Can we stop to unload the luggage?

Of course. The apartments are in a residential street with little traffic.

3.- Is there an elevator?

Yes, there is an elevator with a capacity of 6 people.

4.- Is there a reception?

We have a reception from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 21:00h. On Saturdays and Sundays the reception opens from 10:00 to 14:00 h. Outside these hours we will have to coordinate the entry with guests.

5.- At what time can we enter the apartment?

From 15:00 to 21:00. They are usually prepared beforehand, but it is better if you consult us.

6.- Do we have to inform you about the time we will be getting to the apartments?

Yes, it is really important. We will avoid the situation of having you waiting for us to open.

7.- Is there a cleaning service?

No, we offer our customers this option with additional cost.

8.- Are stag parties and hen parties allowed?

No, except if you assure us that you will respect the rest of the guest and not cause any noise or trouble.

9.- How can we get to the apartments from the train station?

pdf From the train station, walk to Avda. Constitución. There is a LAC stop there (that’s the name for the blue buses that go around the city centre).

10.- How can we get to the apartments from the bus station?

pdfFrom the bus station. right outside of it there is a bus stop, you can take the bus number N5.

11.- How can we get from the airport?

There is a direct bus from the airport to the city. The closest stop is Acera del Darro.

12.- Is the street where the apartments are located a pedestrian street?

No, you can also access by car.

13.- Are all the apartments in the same building?


14.- Out of the receptions hours, can we talk to the people responsible for the apartments?

Yes. Our contact phone is +34 692675358.

15.- Are the apartments in the city centre?


16.- How can we get to the Alhambra from the apartments?

You can take a walk or you can take the bus number C2 in  Plaza Isabel La Católica.

17.- How can we get to the Albaicín from the apartments?

You can take a nice walk and enjoy the neighborhood, or you can take the bus number C1 in Gran Via, in front of the Cathedral.

18.- Is there any tourist office nearby?

Yes, Tourism offices:

The Municipal Tourism Office
City of Granada
Plaza del Carmen

Provincial Tourist Board
C / Carcel Baja, 3

Granada Tourism Office
C / Santa Ana, 4

19.- How can we buy tickets to the Alhambra?

20.- Is it necessary to take the car in order to visit the city?


21.- Where can we park?

We have an agreement with a nearby parking garage ( In addition, there are different public parking garages near the apartments. You can also park in some nearby streets.

22.- How much does the Parking cost?

The Parking with which we have an agreement is 16€ per 24H. We have weekly passes which price vary depending on the dates. They go from 48€ to 72€ per week.

23.- When do we have to pay for our stay at the apartments?

Depending on the type of booking, usually part of it is paid at the time of booking and the rest of it when you arrive to the apartments.

24.- What is a tourist pass?

25.- Will you give us an official bill?


26.- Are the apartments legalized?

Yes. The number of the apartments in the Tourism Register is A/GR/00144

27.- Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes. There are three different nets, and in most of the apartments there is a direct connection to the router through cable (Rj45).

28.- Indications. on how to get to the aparments.

29.- What is the Overnight Bonus? GRANADA-CARD PERNOCTA


The GRANADA CARD + Accommodation card will be valid for a maximum of five (5) days from the date of purchase. Also in this modality of Granada Card + Accommodation the visitor will be able to choose the modality of the same one that more interests to him in function of the spaces to the Alhambra that wants to visit and of the spaces of the city that are within that chosen modality

So the possibilities are::

  • • Granada Card Normal: Se visita la Alhambra, el Monasterio Cartuja. Monasterio de San Jerónimo, Casa de Zafra y Parque de las Ciencias. El precio es de 16€
  • Granada Night Card Palacios . Enthält die Art des Besuchs "Nocturna Palacios" und die Räume: Kloster St. Jerome, Abbey of Sacromonte, Zafra House and Science Park. Der Preis beträgt € 16
  • Granada Card GardensBeinhaltet die Art des Besuchs "Gärten", und die Räume Kapelle Royal, Kathedrale, Abtei von Sacromonte, Haus von Zafra und Science Park. Der Preis beträgt € 16
  • Granada Alhambra Experiences (Visit that consists of seeing at night the Palaces and the next day Generalife and Alcazaba). It also includes the spaces of Monasterio de Cartuja, Abadía de Sacromonte, Casa de Zafra and Parque de las Ciencias The price is € 16
  • Granada Card City (here we do not visit any space of the Alhambra but we do have the monuments that we have in the center and in the Albaicín (Dar-Al Horra Palace, Bañuelo, Casa Morisca Horno de Oro and Corrál del Carbón - the latter is free) and also The Royal Chapel, Cathedral, Monastery of San Jerónimo, Monasterio de la Cartuja, Casa de Zafra and Parque de las Ciencias, the price is € 16



Under 3 years. Children under 3 years do not need GRANADA CARD. For the Alhambra, they need to collect free entry at the box office of the monument on the day of the visit.